Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wild Kratts Creature Power Suits

Have you seen the Wild Kratts show on PBS yet?  It's great for kids, lots of science and imagination and I don't even mind watching it with the kids from time to time.  If you haven't heard of it yet, check it out on PBSkids.org/wildkratts where you can watch episodes, play games and create printables.

We made a bunch of creature power discs a few months ago.  I printed two of everything on my computer and Jacob and I cut them all out, then laminated them and cut them out again!  It was a lot of work but totally worth it. They have been well loved since then.  I even had one go through the wash last week and it came out fine.

Since we made the discs my oldest has been asking for a Creature Power Suit, which I promised to make him.  But when you're a busy mom sometimes those things get put to the back burner.  The boys have been using Painter's Tape on the back of the discs and they were working fine, so it was easy to put off  UNTIL my kids got word that their friend's mom was making them creature power suits!!  So why not? Now's the time, they went together surprisingly well and I think they turned out super cute.

Jacob really wanted to help make the suits but when there is sewing involved the only thing that a kid can really do is push the pins back into the pin cushion and roll up the extra thread; he was a good sport about it though.

 I decided to make the Creature Power Suits so that they slip over the kid's heads. One, so they could put them on themselves and two, because felt and Velcro are best friends and worst enemies (if you know what I mean).  I used my oldest son's tank top to make a pattern on wrapping paper.  Then I tweaked it a little and cut it out on felt.  I straight stitched around the edges of the felt pieces to make sure they stay put.

I made a couple blue and green felt bars to sew on each of the shoulders.  I used a large coffee mug to trace out the paw print on the front and a Powerade cap for the paw prints.  Again, trying to stay away from the Velcro, I cut out a clear plastic circle and sewed most of the way around it to create a clear slot for the creature power disc its self.  The plastic was from a plastic zipper bag like the ones you get sheets, pillow cases or other bedding in.

Here's a close up of the Creature Power Disc inside the disc holder:

As you can tell from the pictures I made one green and one blue for Martin and Chris, the two characters.  However, you will see in the picture below that my boys are BOTH wearing Martin's blue Creature Power Suit!  That's right, I made the perfect little green Creature Power Suit for my little man and he was less than impressed.  Apparently blue (the color of a New Holland Tractor) is the best (today!).  Good thing I had a few extra materials ;)

Lemon Shark power and Pigeon Power!

Let your imagination soar!



  1. Do you mind sharing where you got the images for the creature discs? Thanks!

    1. Heather, I just created a link with a PDF file of all the Creature Power discs we've created! It's at the very bottom of the blog post.

  2. Awesome!! Just what I was looking for! And thanks for sharing the creature discs!