Sunday, November 18, 2012

Photo Storage - Repurposed Pizza Box

Where do you keep your extra photo enlargements and other large keepsakes?  Well, if you're like me they're probably still in the original packaging downstairs in a drawer somewhere.  I've always wanted to get one of those clear plastic storage containers for them but they run $8-10. Which seems a little steep for just a plastic box.  So I've always procrastinated.  Until now...

A couple weeks ago we went out for pizza and brought our left overs home in a nice clean 12 inch white pizza box. And I got to thinking!  12 inches square - that's the same size as a sheet of scrapbook paper!  So why not repurpose my FREE pizza box into a scrap paper photo storage box?

There were a few small grease spots in the bottom of the box so I decided to cover the inside bottom of the box with parchment paper to form a barrier.  Try to get your hands on a box that doesn't have any grease on it if you can.  I'd be willing to bet that there are some pizza places out there that would just plain sell you a pizza box for cheap.  Let me know if you find any!  Anyway cut the parchment paper to 12"x12".  I like to use my rotary cutter for large pieces -  I have a seperate blade that I use to cut non-fabric items.

I glued the parchment in the bottom of the box with decoupage but later in the project determined to that using Elmer's school glue is a better option because it sticks better and leaves less bubbles.

Next pick out a couple of complimenting sheets of scrapbook paper to line the inside of the box and decorate the outside box with.  I cut out the letters PHOTO from the Target Christmas Toy Catalog.

Use Elmers glue to attach the 12"x12" of scrap book paper to the top.  I drizzled some on the box and then brushed it smooth with a foam brush.  Rub the paper down to attach it well.  I also used a piece of paper that my 3 year old painted as an accent and glued the magazine letters on it with Elmers.  Drizzle more school glue over the top of the scrapbook paper and brush it smooth with the foam brush.  This will glue all of the layers together firmly.  **I tried decoupage for this but found that it was too thin and watery and left the paper barely attached and bubbly.

Glue a coordinating piece of scrapbook paper on the inside of the box.  Again, use white school glue that is brushed out evenly with a foam brush.  When the paper is firmly attached, do a coat of glue over top of the paper.

Let your project dry while you go dig out all of your photo enlargements and pre-made scrapbook pages.  Set them inside and smile because you finally have a storage box for those family memories and it hardly cost you a thing!

Now, who wants pizza? ;)

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