Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Egg Carton Repurposed as Paint Tray

Our area has curbside recycleing which is an incredible convenience but there are a few things they won't take.  One of them being styrofoam.  The store where I buy my groceries only sells eggs in styrofoam so what do you do?  Use the eggs and toss the container.  Or, you could keep the container and use it again before you toss it!

 My mom taught me this one years ago when she was crafting.  Use the carton for paint!  My three year old loves to paint and this is what I use to portion it out for him. It also works really well if you don't want to mix colors or if you do want to mix colors.  You can easily mix a small amount in one egg section!

So save your egg cartons and use them one more time before you toss them!

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