Monday, July 21, 2014

Water Fight - Our Neighborhood Summer Party

So I have to tell you a little bit about our crazy fun neighborhood!  We live on a pretty quiet street with lots of kids and the best part is that several of the houses, including ours, have deep back yards.  With the exception of our garden, the back of everyone's yard is open without any fences or trees.  We've got some great neighbors and once a summer we all get together to have some fun.

Here are a few highlights from the 3rd Annual Connie Street Water Fight:

This year we had over 1,500 water balloons!  That is 4 large coolers, 2 five gallon buckets, 2 wagons and a kiddie pool full!

In this neighborhood, the adults play right along with the kids!

But it's okay to sit and watch too, we have a water-free zone.

Once the majority of the water balloons are gone we get out the water squirters!  They're just $1 at Dollar Tree - they squirt tons of water a long ways and are quick and easy to refill.  IMO they are the best 'squirt guns' you can buy.

Don't make the mistake of saying that you barely got wet!


Buckets of water work too!

I think they worked up an appetite.

We had an awesome time with our neighbors!  Try a water balloon fight for your next summer bash; a cheap and easy summer time party!  Can't wait until next year :D

Do you party with your neighbors?  Leave a comment telling what you do for summer time fun!

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